Useful Math for Game Developers

Let’s face it, most people are a bit scared of math. Next to that, math can be seen as something quite intimidating for new Game Developers. Yet, you have to understand that learning about math will allow you to make better games. We feel strongly that every Game Developer should know at least some math. In order to make math more accessible to anyone, we created a set of articles that list useful math for game developers of any skill.

In these articles, we try to stay away from complicated mathematical formulas and try to explain concepts to you through a set of examples. So if you’re ready to start building better games, we urge you to continue reading.


One of the most useful math constructs for Game Developers are Vectors. They represent a direction with a certain ‘length’ in 3D space. We often use these to place 3D objects in a scene and to move them around. They also have useful tricks up their sleeve, such as the Dot product and Cross product. These products will help you relate different vectors to each other and construct new ones entirely.

Linear Interpolation

Next, every Game Developer should know about Linear Interpolation. Learning about Linear Interpolation will allow you to more effectively use blending inside your game projects. It will also introduce you into the useful world of normalized values.


Finally we hope this list gave you a good overview of the useful mathematics that you need to master. Over time, you will slowly start adapting more math into your game projects and get more familiar with it. Simply reading about math is not enough. Ultimately, you have to start applying the math in order to fully grasp its concepts. We encourage you to keep building games and see where you can apply the lessons you have learned here.